no gym

Ok, I have sent Ted off to martial arts and I’m not going to go to the gym today. I’m just *all* worn out. I haven’t been sleeping very well this week, which is a right bother and contrary to all the evidence that says, “Exercising will make you sleep better!” I’m certainly very *tired*, but I think all them little endorphins are fucking up my sleep schedule. So today, there will be no gym. :)

I’m going to go by Alaska Dance Theatre this afternoon, though, and see if there’s a jazz or tap class at a reasonably convienent time that isn’t taught by a doofus who can’t count music (the last classes I tried taking there were taught by a doofus who couldn’t count music, so she’d say things like, “It doesn’t really *matter* what beat you do this on … ” and that’s WRONG. It DOES matter. It matters if you want people to be doing things together, and it matters if you want people to be doing things asynchronously and — it *matters*, God damn it! — but she doesn’t teach there anymore) and if there is I will take one or two dance classes. I think I would like to take a tap class more than a jazz class, at least this spring. I feel too fat and clumsy to take jazz right now.

I have been drinking *great* *large* *huge* amounts of water. Consequently during the 2.5 hours of Armageddon last night I had to pee three times, which is really pretty annoying. What’s also annoying is that having been drinking great huge large amounts of water for the past few days, my body is feeling really dried out and tacky and nasty if I don’t drink equal amounts to the previous day’s amount.

So ‘scuze me while I go refill my water glass. :)