no hair!

Ted cut off his hair! Aii!!! It’s —

— actually, it looks very good. It’s only marginally different than it was when we got married — I’ll get a photo tomorrow or later tonight and post it — and it’s possible I like him better with short hair. Or maybe I just like being able to see his face. :) But I like it, and he seems to like it, so all is well! (Trip said, “Kit is contagious!” Hee hee hee.)

We spent the entire day cooking, it seems like. Ted made dinner, the name of which I can’t spell, but it was very yummy, and I made a German chocolate cake which was also very yummy, and ate entirely too much (oof!), and Ted got Tron and Queen’s Greatest Hits V. 1 & 2 and a gift certificate to Bosco’s (the comic shop) and to Border’s, and tomorrow we’re going to go get him a set of golf clubs, ’cause, well, he likes golfing and he thought that might be a nifty present. And there’s a couple other things I’m going to get him, too. :)