prawn-fried noodles in a takeaway carton, with chopsticks sticking into them

oh my GOD the noodle place is back at the Temple Bar Market!!!!

Honestly I can’t tell you how happy I am about this. It’s a little food booth at the Temple Bar Saturday market in Meeting House Square, and I always used to order prawn fried noodles even when they weren’t technically on the menu. (Prawn skewers were, and othermeat-fried noodles were, just not prawn fried noodles. BUT GUESS WHAT’S ON THE MENU NOW!!!!!) The guy always remembered my order, because it was different. He used to give me extra prawns when I was pregnant. And he still remembered me even though it must have been four years since I’ve been there. Certainly three.

He didn’t have the chopsticks out and I looked around for them and then I started to reach for one of the forks and he said “oh no you want chopsticks don’t you” and got them for me (the Irish don’t usually use them, but he remembered I did).

I’m actually in bits over them being back. šŸ„¹

And I was trying not to eat all the shrimp and keep them even with the noodles but I ended up eating most of the noodles and then discovered there were three more shrimp buried at the bottom!!! HE GAVE ME EXTRA!!! and I was TOO FULL TO EAT THEM!!!!

I actually packed up the carton and carefully put it in my bag and brought the leftovers home so that I can eat them later because I missed this place so much. It’s nothing fancy, not spicy noodles or anything, but they’re good and I always liked having them and I’m just so happy. šŸ„¹