not a half bad day, really

It’s been an all right day, really. I got up too late to write, so that sort of sucks, but I’m still way ahead on my wordcount, so if I stop screwing around I’ll be fine. I got a tentative release date for URBAN SHAMAN (I’ll announce it when it’s a little more solid!) and offered some suggestions to my editor about book covers, which, as Jai said, made this all seem much more REAL suddenly! I’m talking to someone Karen put me in contact with about artwork for CHANCE, and… yeah, it’s basically been a good day. I even went for my walk. I do wish my back would stop hurting so I could go on slightly *longer* walks, but I’m trying to be good and only do a little stupid bit at a time.

Oh, and my manuscript bags got here! I unfolded the largest one and have not been able to refold it properly. I unfolded the smallest one and have not been able to refold it properly, so instead of continuing to try I declared it the manuscript garbage bag and now it is sitting in front of the file cabinet with a lot of paper in it. :) Anyway, despite my brainabifida, they’re very very cool bags. And I can make them lie flat again, but not in the tidy it-won’t-come-open-unless-you-want-it-to way that they came in. I’m afraid to open the middle-sized one ’cause I’ll never get it to lie flat properly again. :)

miles to Rivendell: 380