not an ideal world

Today was not the first day of an ideal world. Not only did I not wake up weighing 145 pounds, but also I slept 10 hours when 8 would have done, and I have just realized that I forgot to start making bread when I got up, which means it won’t be ready at lunchtime. Frell.

Maybe I’ll make a small loaf on the short cycle. It usually doesn’t rise as well, but at least there’d be bread at lunchtime.

Despite it not being the first day of an ideal world, I am at least telling myself that I’ve now caught up on my sleep and that I am no longer injured (although I’ve got a bit of a stiff neck, because Ted stole my pillow at 1:30 this morning) and so _tomorrow_ I will put forth an effort to join the real world and not sleep for 10 hours a night and get some exercise and that kind of thing.

Ok, Ms. Dehydration Lass is going to get some water and make some bread and maybe let the puppy out again, and probably find some breakfast, too.