not dead!

Not, despite appearances, dead.

Put the bonus check in the bank today. Then had the enjoyable experience of paying all the bills early, which will allow the bank account to lie fallow for several weeks and build up its money so I can continue to pay the bills early without there being any scrambling or waiting for checks to clear or anything. HOORAY. I have been saying for about the last three years that all we /really/ needed was a /small/ windfall, to get everything on a cycle where I wasn’t robbing Peter to pay Paul (it’s not quite that bad, but I really wanted to use that phrase), and now the windfall has arrived! How strange and wonderful!

I went over my minutes on my cell phone with all of my meeting phone calls and now I have a huge cell phone bill. We went and bought a landline phone that will let me use a headset with it. Fnrt. I will fill out an expense report for the cell phone calls for my company to reimburse. Fnrt.

I must call my grandma tomorrow.

I have had no physical exercise today. I did, however, have what may have been a perfect chocolate milkshake at the Burger Stop.

I also bought my plane ticket for Writer’s Weekend.

That’s about it.