not done yet!

It’s been a surprisingly busy day here at the Murphy-Lee-Sandness household. Ted staggered out of bed at 7am (on a *Saturday*) to finish making danishes for all of us to have for breakfast. And they were veeeeeeerrrrrrry good. Yum. *tuds of the yumminess* I staggered out of bed a while later to shower and write. Finished ch. 33 in a satisfactory manner, stopped, had danishes (did I mention the *yum tud*?) and sat back down to write some more.

At 10, I stopped writing and went with Ted to deliver some *yum tud* danishes to Mom and Dad, who also went *yum tud*! We hung out there for an hour or so, but then we had to come home again because I was getting horribly antsy. Must! Finish! Book!

No sooner had we arrived home and I had turned on the computer than Emily called to regale me with the unlikely hell that her work is turning into. She needed somebody to vent and rant at, and so at me she did. But then the siryn call of the keyboard spoke loudly to me, and I went to write some more. Finished ch. 34 in a semi-satisfactory manner; I sort of suspect the first 500 words of ch. 35 will end up belonging at the end of ch. 34. One way or another, I wrote 3750 words, which makes me v. happy.

I *still* don’t know if I’ve got one or two chapters left. I’m sort of hoping for one, because I’d be smug to have called the # ahead of time, but there may be slightly too much story left to fit into just one more chapter.

By that time I was quite light-headed from having eaten nothing but danishes all day, but I cleaned up half the kitchen and Ted finished it before we went to the store to buy chicken strips and jojos as well as the stuff we needed to buy to make pizzas for gaming tonight.

My plan was to come dink around online for twenty minutes and go make a cake at 3. Well, now it’s 3:20 and I’m typing this instead of making a cake, so when I’m done with it, I need to go do that.

Also: I need to take pictures of the TOTALLY AWESOME Rogue and Gambit posters. *beam*

And now, to bake. *zum*

ytd wordcount: 73,850