not feeling like blogging

Not feeling much like blogging atm. Thinking of removing my biked miles from my Rivendell walk ’cause somehow it feels like cheating. Went to see The Two Towers again on Saturday night, which was fun except we were both *way* too tired.

Talking with Christi about site design made me kinda start thinking of working on a comic-book sort of thing to .. well. see, I like this current X design, but I have this dream that sometime I could do my own ‘comic book covers’ with a new cover on a monthly basis as the background for the site. But I’m not really a good enough artist. She said I oughta do it anyway, and I thought about it some, and then I talked to Sarah some and we said hey, we oughta try going ahead and writing/drawing a comic as a project to train ourselves to draw the same characters consistently and stuff like that. So we’re gonna try that (individually, not together). I’m going to do a superhero kinda thingy. It probably won’t be very good. I’ll post when I’ve got the site running for it, though.

Miles to Rivendell:
Heather: 52.7 (YAY! you broke 50 miles!)
Dave: 156.5 (ye gods and little fishies)
Catie: 95

50K in 30 days: 2075
ytd wordcount: 126,700

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