Ted and I, let’s see. Ted very, very sweetly went to a movie with me instead of going over to Harry’s Grillpub or whatever it is and having a beer with some former coworkers, which I appreciated a lot. Getting out of the house was good. We went and saw Win A Date With Tad Hamilton! which was as cute as Sarah said it was. We liked it. :) We came home, Ted made a *really* good steak dinner, and I sat down and slammed out another 950 words in about half an hour. Hooray for knowing where a chapter is going!

Then the art gallery called and told us that the Rogue and Gambit posters we’d brought over last week were finished, and because I am weak in the face of framed art, we went dashing over to pick them up and OH MY GOD THEY LOOK SO COOL! Smug! Pleased! Delighted! Also, having NO idea where I’m going to put them up. They’re huge. :) Like, 18×40 or something. But they look SO AWESOME! I’ll take pictures tomorrow but the pictures won’t do ’em justice. :)

Thence to dessert, where we talked some about the third Walker Papers book (have I mentioned lately that I have the coolest husband in the universe? I do. He had some terrific ideas for the third book, just starting places, and some of it’s going to work out really well, I can already tell. I have such a cool, cool husband.), and then home again, where I am writing this instead of writing more on TB. Even if I only have 650 words to break 70K for the year. o.o

And now to bed, because I’m v. sleepy and must get up and write in the morning, even if it is Friday.

ytd wordcount: 69,350