now that I think about it

Now that I think about it, there were more comedy of error things than I reported in my oh-so-succinct writeup earlier. :)

First off, the plane managed to leave more or less on time, which was nice, and we got into Seattle fine, and rented a couple of cars, then drove to the place we were staying, which was supposed to be a ground-floor 3 bedroom unit. Well, it /was/ a 3-bedroom unit, but it was on the 3rd floor.

Have I mentioned that I’m afraid of heights? And that Mom’s more afraid of heights than I am? Worse, significantly worse, than the height, was the fact that the stairs, which were open, had open backs, so you could see down three stories as you walked up the stairs. Blaaaah! It wasn’t actually that horrible, but blaaaah! Furthermore, my grandma can’t handle stairs at all, which is the *real* reason we needed a ground-floor unit. So at 6:30 in the morning, Dad tried to get us somewhere on the ground floor, and after a while they said ‘go to bed, this will take a while.’ So we did. As it turned out, it took until the next afternoon to get us a ground-floor unit, and when we went there, it was down a set of 5 steps, which… well… not really a ground-floor unit.

However, since the Saturday family gathering ended up being cancelled due to people getting sick left and right and exacerbated by the fact that at least some family members were snowed in over in Eastern Washington, it turned out to be not all that relevant. We went out to dinner with Grandma and Aunt Mabel that night, and had lots of fun. *laugh* Mabel doesn’t see pictures when she reads (neither does Grandma), and the waitress at the restaurant did. :)

I need food. Whine.