now that would be epic

Ian McKellan posted this great picture of him and Patrick Stewart at their first rehearsal for their upcoming Broadway shows, and I was like I WANTS ALL OF THEM NAO PLIZ

So now I’m all like, can we get, like, some kind of massive epic fantasy film of some kind with, like, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, and George Takei all, like, vying for Helen Mirren’s hand while Judi Dench and Maggie Smith connive in the background or something?

Which I said on Facebook, and Harold immediately won the internet by responding:

Script? -peh- I’ll give you a script…
(shuffling sound)
Ok. Here’s the Palo Alto phonebook. What page should they start on?

I mean, I obviously overlooked some necessary players, who were immediately suggested: Christopher Lee, James Earl Jones, I think Lena Olin and Raquel Welch…

But now I’m thinking, so, okay, we’ve got like the great voices of Hollywood lined up here, so do we need a younger generation too, or are we happy with these guys? I’d be up for adding Vin Diesel and Liev Schrieber to the list…

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