odd dreams

I had some sort of odd dreams this morning, including that I was sort of semi-dating Adrian Paul (hey, it’s a rough job, but somebody’s gotta do it!), who was working at a local comic shop. There was some kind of Highlander contest going on, only the only way you could win was if Adrian sold you the trading cards, which I thought was sort of ridiculous, and I’d already bought some cards, and one of the other comic shop guys accused me of wanting to get close to Adrian just, er, because he was famous, basically, which *really* pissed me off, but possibly pissed him off even more, which caused there to be some angst that had to be made up, which was followed by driving around in an old Mustang with Stan Kirsch. (One might think I’d been watching too much Highlander.) We ended up at a train station or something like it and my ex boyfriend was there, and he told me that his new wife had filed a restraining order against him that morning. He was working as a trash collector. His wife apparently felt she’d taught him everything he knew. I said, “Getting a divorce, then?”

It was really a very weird dream. :)

A couple of cool stories for the day: 72-year-old taught to read by 95-year-old Orange County tutor, and an account of volunteering at the San Francisco City Hall on Monday.