of course…

…with the return of Kitsnaps I’m going to have to try desperately to get regular blog posts up more often or this will look like a photography blog. Which is fine, it’s just not, you know, what I actually do professionally or anything. :)

Speaking of what I do professionally, the SHAMAN RISES manuscript currently goes like this:

(page break)

so I’d better get to it, eh?

In unrelated news, I’ve almost got the dining room sorted out, and have discovered how few *books* we now actually own. We have boatloads of gaming material and graphic novels, but holy crap, we really have been utterly ruthless with the actual books. And now, looking at them, I realize that what I really want is to be able to replace all the decades-old mass markets with hardback editions. Which is of course never going to happen: STARBRIDGE was never released in hardback, even if I wanted them, etc ad infinitum. But it seems I’ve reached a point where if I want to keep a book, I want it to be the highest quality print edition I can lay hands on, or an e-book.

Although I’m still not good about reading e-books. My brain isn’t well wired for that yet. I’ve got to keep practicing. :)

Anyway, so very many of the old mass markets we’ve got are so long out of print it’s a pity the authors can’t/don’t release them in other editions, but I suspect that’s not going to happen.

Tell you what, too, I’m feeling a little torn on the topic of the graphic novels. (I’m not torn on the topic of the gaming material: 99% of it is Ted’s (I own the ElfQuest RPG) and is therefore sacrosanct.) We have several big beautiful editions of things, like Hellboy and Hush and the Ultimate hardback collections (and some more on the way! SiP! Digger! Woot!), and I really love those, but there is so much superhero stuff that I’m so far behind on and that they don’t collect in the manner I prefer (12-18 issues; don’t give me this 4-issue crap unless that’s actually the sum total of the ENTIRE COMIC BOOK RUN) that I wonder if it’s really worth keeping/pursuing those collections.

Of course, what I’d really like is a large house of my own that I never have to move out of so I can start collecting books again and just have a huge satisfying library.

To work, now.

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