OH and last night we made a mad dash for the comic shop and got there after 8 but they hadn’t ACTUALLY locked up yet so we tore in (and were summarily scolded by Amy who works there) but while we were there we ran into Geoff Wright and his brother whose name I simply CANNOT remember (how embarrassing) who are people we worked with at Internet Alaska and they are doing well and the Nameless Brother is getting married in July having gone to Chicago with the girl in question and then both of them turning tail and running back to Alaska after a year (sound familiar anyone?) and they explained as how they had a Wednesday night happy hour thing (in hiatus for the summer, but due to start again this fall) at which between 4 and 40 people show up and hang out for some varying period of time and then stagger home and Geoff said that now that he had our email addresses he was subscribing us to the happy hour mailing list whether we wanted him to or not *laugh* and HE has two kids now, and the puppy he used to bring to IAI has grown up into a great big dog with an enormous block of a head and leeeeeeeetle skeeeeeeeeny legs! (she’s a boxer) and it was really a lot of fun to see them. Oh, and they now own Alaska Web Art so I told them if they needed any contract work done to get in touch with me. :)

i am just a posting fool today!