oh dear :)

My laptop was able to pick up the wireless network from Mom & Dad’s today. Curses, now I’m online. :) Fortunately, it’s still early enough that a lot of people aren’t up and about yet, and, well, work to do even with the sweet temptation of internet calling my name.

My tummy is not well today. I though last night it was unwell from tiredness, and I suppose it might still be unwell from tiredness, but I just have this unpleasant bubble of ook sitting in my stomach. I’ll do my best to go to bed early tonight, maybe. Blork.

My smaller nephew is lying a few feet away from me, snoring up a storm. It’s much cuter when babies snore than when adults do. :)

Babysitting this morning went pretty well. I got to change Seirid’s incredibly stinky diaper, O Lucky Me. But he went right down for his nap, and Breic was charming and helpful, and overall it went well. The largest problem was that most of the food in the house was bordering on gone, and by the time Breic had a snack, all that was left to feed him for lunch was raisin bran. Fortunately, that seemed to go over well. Messily, but well. 3 hours of wrangling little boys, though, has made me want a chiropractor more than I’ve wanted one since getting here. Maybe I can find one tomorrow afternoon.

We’re supposed to be getting a washer today. I wonder if we’ll also get a dishwasher, or if it’ll just be a washer. I guess I’ll find out when Ted comes in this evening.

Ok, the tiredness and the icky tummy are sending me to take a nap.

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