oh, so what is…

Oh, so what /is/ this Clean Air Challenge thing?

It’s a 126 mile fundraiser bike ride–63 miles a day over two days–sponsored by the American Lung Association of Alaska, which is “dedicated to the conquest of lung disease and the promotion of lung health.”

Last year I did the ride, but due to a screwed-up back, only (only!) completed 80 miles. It was exhausting, wearisome, insane, painful, and a lot of fun. My Dad and I are doing the ride this year, and I’m really looking forward to it.

I need to raise $400 by April 30 in order to be able to participate in the ride (which is May 11 and 12). I figure that’s $10 from 40 people–shouldn’t be too hard. (Of course, if you are seized with the desire to donate /more/ than $10, I won’t say you nay!)

I’ll be keeping track of training miles and whatnot here on my blog, and more to the point, at On Your Left, which is my site for this sort of thing (currently a disaster, incidentally; my templates got broken and I haven’t yet converted it to MoveableType. Perhaps this weekend.).

If you happen to donate through the ALA form, *please* email me to let me know–they’re not set up so that the person recieving the funds gets a notification email about it.

And that’s all, for now. :)