Oh! On Saturday we brought my Virgo drawing over to the frame shop to be framed. Ted, who is Very Picky about That Sort of Thing (Ted could do frame work for a living, if he wanted to; he’s very good at it) is Dissatisfied With the Matting. We chose a nice rich brown suede for the matting, but he wanted a mat with more orange in it than they had available. They had one with too much, and one with not enough, and I settled on the one with not enough. :)

Actually, I think it’ll be quite attractive. I think he’ll come around to it after he’s seen it, but he often has to have a framed piece hanging around for several days where he can see it before he’s really satisfied with it. *And* he picked out a smashing orange and black scoured wood frame which was of course expensive but looks really cool with the drawing. :)

The lady at the shop wanted to do just plain old black suede and a black metal frame, but it was much too stark and icky. The blacks in the drawing are not really very black at all. I think I did the piece with charcoal. I could be wrong, ’cause I don’t tend to use charcoal, but I think I did anyway. Oh, wait, I can look it up —

–ah, I used pastels. Anyway, so the blacks aren’t all that black. They might’ve been four years ago when I /did/ the drawing, but, well, four years ago.

Right. This was /so/ much more information than you wanted to know.