old, and not hip

I’ve developed the bad habit of watching stupid little “styling” reels on FB, very few of which are any good at all.

This last one was “what I thrifted vs how I styled it” – literally a shot each of the dress, jewelry, handbag & boots, which she then…put on. There was no ‘styling’.

Why do I do this.

I mean, in this particular case, it was actually a good look. She’d made good choices. But I think ‘styling’ is a wild overstatement for what she was doing. I was expecting a revamped dress, at least?

There was another one that was like “how to style to hide you’re wearing the same dress every day” which was, you know, wear a different coat/shoes/blouse/whatever, which, IDK, man, I’d just call that getting dressed.

I’m old, aren’t I. Old, and not hip. :D

(A college friend of mine who got the same reel was like, ‘I also thought, “Woah. You can dress yourself. Go you!”‘ which, not gonna lie, made me feel better. laughs)

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