Old Races short story collection answers

OLD RACES: AFTERMATH I should have been smart enough to answer these without having to be asked, but somehow I wasn’t. :)

There will be 3 Old Races collections coming out in epub this summer.

The first, OLD RACES: ORIGINS, will contain five of the Old Races Short Story Project stories, all set long before the Negotiator Trilogy:
» Salt Water Stains the Sand, a story of the djinn which is also available as a free read on my website;
» The Death of Him, a story of the selkies;
» Falling, a story of the gargoyles;
» St. George & the Dragons, a story of the dragons;
» Legacy, a story of the humans

and may or may not have a 6th brand new story depending on how much I get done before the cover art comes in.

The second, YEAR OF MIRACLES, is the novella that tells the story of Sarah Hopkins, the human woman that Janx and Daisani both fell in love with in the Year of Miracles–the year London burned.

The third, OLD RACES : AFTERMATH, will contain at least four stories all set after the Negotiator trilogy, and will include
» Awakening, a story of the vampires
» Perchance to Dream, a Janx story reprint (the original publication was in DRAGON’S LURE)
» Aftermath, a Margrit Knight story included in the ORSSP for those who bought in before June 1, 2011

and at least one other brand-new story to fill the collection out.

In theory these collections will be released in May, June and July, but that really depends on when I get the cover art.

If you haven’t read the Negotiator Trilogy already, I would humbly submit you read it first, ’cause these collections are backstory and history (and what happens next) for stuff you learn in those books, and of course as the author I think you’ll get the most impact from reading them in publication order. The Negotiator Trilogy, in order, is HEART OF STONE, HOUSE OF CARDS, and HANDS OF FLAME,

Print edition: Don’t hold your breath. It may eventually happen, but it’s not a near-term thing, and frankly, it probably depends on how well BABA YAGA’S DAUGHTER does from Subterranean Press, so if you haven’t pre-ordered that yet…do!

ORSSP patrons: I will be getting epub/mobi/pdf files to you, complete with the shiny new cover art, by the end of April. Thank you for your patience. O.O

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