omg. headless chicken.

omg. headless chicken.

Got up at a reasonable hour, stared at TQB for a couple minutes and decided I wanted to rewrite and do more worldbuilding before I went on, tried to print it out double-sided and screwed up, leaving me with an unreadable manuscript. Oops.

Ted got up and made danishes (oh my GAWD yummy!) and we brought some of them over to Mom & Dad’s and brought Mom a spiffy new (to her) computer which is 2342335084607 times better than her old one. Hung out there for a while and talked about Alanna’s play and generally had a good time, then went over to the furniture store where we were going to buy a loveseat and sofa that we’d decided we liked.

We accidentally found a different set we liked better (which, inevitably, cost $500 more) that we bought instead. Tomorrow there will be photos!

Went to lunch at Tommy’s Burger Stop and ate too much, but it was awfully good, and then went to Office Depot to have *them* print my manuscripts out double-sided, since they have machines that do it automagically. :) Came home after that with the intention of moving all the furniture out of the house and vacuuming the carpets with the AMAZING new vacuum and then carpet-cleaning them.

Instead, somehow, we ended up culling another 300 or so books out of our paperbacks. This is after rounds 1 & 2, in mid 2001, immediately after we got back to Alaska and finally, for the first time, had all of our books together. We culled an easy 300 just by keeping one copy of the books we had in common, and then another 2-300 by stripping out the stuff we felt pretty sure we were never going to read again. That left us with something on the order of 1000 sf/f novels, plus various and sundry YA and mystery novels (mostly mine), probably another couple hundred books, all told. (This is not, mind you, going anywhere near the hardback collection.) We said at that point we were pretty sure if we culled any more, it would require us getting a divorce.

Apparently not. :) We ripped through everything we had on the downstairs shelves, which was all the paperback fiction except one or two boxes that wouldn’t fit. There are now 5 fairly large boxes of books waiting to go to Title Wave, and a smaller box with some DVDs and videos in it. Our paperback fiction now almost entirely fits on the dining room shelves (still sans the box or two in the garage). The other shelves are now completely empty except of figurines and four hardback books. (Those photos are merely reference points for the shelves and are not to be interpreted as current with regards to the books on them).

*Then* we moved all the furniture, I did the big vacuuming and Ted, in deference to my stupid back and because he is wonderful, vacuumed up all the corners and is now downstairs carpet cleaning. The house is practically unrecognizeable. I can’t wait to take pictures of the new cleanness and furniture and shelves and everything!

After Ted’s done downstairs we may try to bring the old sofa over to Salvation Army. That’d be best. Either that or I need to call ARC of Anchorage and get them to come pick it up. That would *actually* be best, but it’s too late to call them now, so. And Ted’s discussing making a wholesale cut from the comic book collecting and bringing his collection to Bosco’s to see what kind of offer they’d make him, so we may go by there this evening to talk to them about that.

VERY busy day!