Ooh, my cousin Kerry changed her webpage layout. I like it. *eyes my own page layout* I haven’t changed it in FOUR MONTHS!

*eyes the cd i made last night* It was working last night, but it just played the first song and then went whrr whrr whrr and wouldn’t go on to the next one. Trying again… I’m going to be very sour-faced if this doesn’t work. *mutter*

The kiddie gate we got to keep the doggie in worked for about a day, apparently. Shaun said she kept getting out last night and when I got up this morning she’d gotten out and pooped on the carpet. *sigh* Also, weirdly, Zilli keeps climbing the gate, instead of jumping over it. Climbing it and balancing on top of it sometimes.

Well, goddamn it, the CD won’t move on to the next song without hitting the ‘skip to the next song’ button. WTF!