Ooooooooh. I called and explained that I’d made this payment last month, yadda yadda yadda, and found out what the problem was. The problem was that they credited the money I sent last month via their online server to the *2001* taxes, whereas it was *supposed* to be the final payment for the *2000* taxes. After an extremely frustrated dance through the IRS phone tree, I talked to a woman (who wasn’t nearly as smart as Ms. Harris) who listened to the whole rigamarole and then transfered me to someone who could help me. So I went through the whole rigamarole *again*, and she credited the payment back to the 2000 tax returns, so now we really ARE paid off for the 2000 taxes! Yay! *laugh* Gawd, what a mess.

Let’s see. Thinks To Do for Friday:

1. Write and print a cover letter for Tony’s script

2. Write a synopsis for CS

3. Email Royal Printing about the OYL business cards

I’m totally forgetting some stuff, but I donno what. :)

Augh. Ok, so I was balancing the checkbook so I took a look at my paycheck stub and they’d taken out $184 more in federal taxes than they normally do. Now, I /did/ ask them to withhold more money from my paychecks because it was clear the amount they were withholding was insufficient (see previous story about having to pay extra taxes) but $184 is not how much I told them to hold out, nor is it any sort of multiplier of how much I told them to hold out. The money gods are out to *get* me.