oork. ootch. owtch

Oork. Ootch. Owtch. 2 hours of driveway shoveling. I think I shall treat myself to a bath tonight. I have begged off on the rest and left Ted to do the detail work.

Goodness, but he’s a lot stronger than I am. I’d been hacking up packed snow for a long time, and I went and got him to move the big snow chunks ’cause they were too heavy for me to keep moving forward, and he did and then he got the ice pick and went BRRRROOOOOOOOWWWWW! through more of the packed snow, and I was like ‘oh! if I’d used the ice pick, I’d have moved more snow too!’ So then he started shoveling the big snow chunks away again and I went and got the ice pick and went *PTHHHHT* instead of BRRRRRROOOOOOOOOWWWWW! At that point I determined that it was not the choice of instrument of destruction but rather the considerable difference in strength behind said instrument. :) I went back to knocking packed snow loose with the shovel, which was much more satisfying for me. It was still pthhhht compared to Ted’s great strides, but at least it was 14 inches wide instead of 4. :)

My loaf of bread turned out beautifully. I had some plans to make blackberry jam, but now that my back’s sore from shoveling, I may put that off until tomorrow. We’ll see. I might be less achy in a couple of hours. And I can’t put off making jam indefinitely, because I want to send it out to people for Christmas. I have something of a Plan to make a bunch of different jams in the evenings this week, then to make candies on Saturday and on Sunday pack ’em all up and send ’em out.

wow! hungry now!