or not

Or maybe I won’t do any more writing after all. Or swimming, for that matter, because Ted’s stuck at work for the rest of his natural life, which is very sad. So I went on a 75 minute walk instead, and that was very nice.

Lucy is sitting on top of my computer monitor glaaaaaring at me. Sheesh. Donno what I did to make her angry, but it musta been something!

I got a package in the mail today from Angie. Angie is very, *very* silly. She sent me a little die-cast roadster car with Rogue painted on the hood (it’s very cool!) and a Murphy coat of arms lapel pin, and a Valentine (a little late, but so what?) with Samwise Gamgee on it (aww!) and funniest of all, she’d noticed that the last page of her X-Men notepaper was printed with ‘Write Kit’ and then had information about the writing pad. But it said ‘Write Kit’ and so she did! *giggles*

I think I’ll go look at the words in a book now, or maybe do a drawing. Or edit more of Angles. Something, anyway. :)

ytd wordcount: 108,400