out of the house, yay!

Got out of the house for the first time since Saturday. o.o Working at home has its perks, but man. The whole housebound thing can really get on my nerves sometimes. It wasn’t actually so bad this time because I’ve been *sick* and not inclined to do anything, but still. Blah. So Ted and I went to dinner at TGIFriday’s, which was fine, and bought new milk because ours had soured, and that’s about it. Went to the comic shop, but there were no comics. Snif.

It’s amazing how much more satisfied I am with myself if I do a couple thousand words of writing. I came home and sat down to do another 1K and accomplished it (probably could’ve done more, but, well, opted not to), and I really feel like I’ve gotten a lot more done today than I feel like I have on days when I haven’t written. It’s just a couple hours of work, but psychologically it’s big, I guess.

ytd wordcount: 66,900