Ow. I don’t think I moved all night; I have a vurry stiff neck this morning. :P No fun at all.

I’m trying to keep Chantico downstairs with me so she doesn’t have to be locked up all day long. I brought her blanket and a big bone and a little rawhide swizzle stick and a rope down, and *mostly* it’s going okay. She just lay down to wrestle with her bone and stuck her entire tail in her water bowl. :) She has stretches of being distracted by the bones, and then it’s pretty good, but there are stretches of OH LOOK A CAT *POUNCE POUNCE LEAP BOUND* which are less good. :P

One of the people in our row of the condo got a *cute* little grey fuzzy husky puppy. He said he was at the Dimond Center mall and somebody was giving away puppies, and all his judgement went flying out the window. :) Apparently the woman was giving away the mother dog, too, and he said that when he went by, there were 2 puppies and the momma dog, and that if he’d had a house, he’d have taken all three of them. Such a *cute* puppy! I wanted one. Even though I’ve got one. Humans are dumb! :)