Well, actually, I’m a lot less sore than I thought I might be. My sitbones are a bit owie, since I went biking, and I can feel various and sundry muscles, but I’m not all that sore. That’s a good thing. I think.

I totally failed to go swim this morning, thanks mostly to Chantico bounding upstairs at 5 minutes to 5 this morning. She did this because she needed to go outside and go to the bathroom, which she did very promptly when she was brought out. She didn’t even complain much when I locked her back in the kitchen and staggered back to bed. I probably should have stayed up, if I wanted to swim, but it was still early enough and I had been in very deep sleep and dreaming, so instead of feeling awake I felt like I was going to vomit. I ended up not getting up til 8, which was a lot later than I’d intended to.

Maybe I need to go to bed *really* early tonight, in hopes of being prepared for the puppy getting up around 5.

What I also need to do right now is get some breakfast. Hungry me!