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I’m holding the Sockpocalypse. We have an unbelieveable number of unpaired socks. I’ve been collecting all that I can find for the purposes of washing and pairing them. Anything left without a mate at the end gets binned. I don’t need wire hangers anyway (althoug a bicycle would be nice).

Yeterday it was (literally) freezing. As part of the Sockpocalypse, I unearthed my winter coat (and my knee-length black leather coat, and my Sassy Librarian Glasses, which means I now have a pair of glasses for every day of the week plus prescription sunglasses to spare, and innumerable socks) and I’d just gotten warm fuzzy boots, so this morning I went forth, prepared for the cold.

And it was 50 (or, as we say it here, 10) degrees. I switched back to my raincoat, not that it’s in any danger of raining (and the rain coat has lost its ability to fend off rain anyway and is starting to lose other parts; it’s about 8 years old and has seen a LOT of use), because I have not quite unearthed my (1970s VINTAGE found it at a 2nd hand store!) ankle length red leather coat, although it is now unearthable.

I also had a moment of ruthlessness and now have a large bag of clothes to bring to a charity shop. I should probably go throw away that box of high school & college correspondence, unlooked at, while I’m feeling ruthless.

The Redeemer Chronicles Kickstarter has had an unexpectedly good Thanksgiving, and is now pushing 9K, which is starting to get into stretch goal territory! These are the Amazingly Pragmatic goals—editing, cover art, digital file conversion—that will make the end product Better for the readers. If we manage to crack 12K in the next 5 days, there will be one or two other cool, high-end goals to reach for!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, kind of, yesterday when I was on my way home, an old gent across the street from me slid right out of his wheelchair (the wheels caught on the ruts in on the sidewalk and he just slipped right out). His carer leapt around to catch him, and I ran over to help get him back in his chair and then to hold it (because I couldn’t find the brake!) while they got him all sorted out. I genuinely thought it was the kind of thing any moderately decent human being would have done, but his carer thanked me about fifteen times and shook my hand and told me I was a good sort. I was glad I was there to help. I’m sure the carer could have gotten him back in, but it was easier by far with two people.

Horribly, *stupidly*, Europe (or at least Britain, Ireland and apparently Sweden) is trying to embrace Black Friday this year. Because what we need is another consumerism push, and because it makes perfect sense to tell everybody to go out shopping on what is a perfectly ordinary Friday in November for the European community. Ireland has a traditional Christmas shopping day already (on or around the 8th of December, I gather), and unless everybody here is going to start celebrating American Thanksgiving and having a 4 day weekend I think it’s appalling to adopt this particular nasty Americanism. It’s appalling anyway.

This was supposed to be a 5 minute blog post to convince me that typing (ie, writing) was an enjoyable process to be embraced. It’s been 25 minutes and I still don’t want to write, but I guess I better. Mikaela will scold me otherwise.

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