periscope up!

For a minute, anyway.

I have written a glorious 3K words over the past 2 days, largely thanks to Michelle (and today Mika!) showing up in the war room at god-awful hours for them (well, not so bad for Mika) so that I have real focus and incentive to get in there the moment Young Indiana goes to preschool and get myself writing. #swoons

I’d have gotten more done, probably, except yesterday I started a new manuscript, put the file together, then had the vague sense that maybe I’d done a little bit on this already and thought I should go look, and indeed it turned out I had 9500 words written. So I had to re-read that, but holy crap, that was a huge emotional boost in getting started!

Going to watch Continuum now. I hope. Periscope down!

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