Picoreview: Escape Plan

Picoreview: Escape Plan: Surprisingly…I’m not sure ‘good’ is the right word, but surprisingly entertaining.

I really didn’t know what to expect from a Schwarzenegger/Stallone movie, but I pretty well expected it to be awful. Instead it was solidly entertaining, and I gotta admit, Schwarzenegger just *oozed* charisma, to the point that a couple of times I was just kinda like “…*damn*, mister!” Stallone not so much, although he and Arnie played off each other nicely.

There are–well, there was one surprise in the plot, rather than no surprises, which was what I’d been about to say. One surprise was more than I expected out of it, though, so that was fine. :)

Oh no wait! There were TWO surprises! Hey, they did good! :)

Anyway, it was fun. A bit violent for me, but mostly fun.

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