Picoreview: Freelance

Picoreview: Freelance: surprisingly cute!

This is a John Cena vehicle on Amazon, probably an Amazon original, about a Large American Military Dude who finds himself protecting a dictator he very much does not want to protect, and it’s much more fun than it has any right to be. Like, there’s plenty of dumb, but overall it’s quite charming and has several laugh-out-loud moments.

There was a bit where I said “That looks like X will happen pretty soon,” and almost as soon as I finished speaking, X happened, which was a LOT sooner than I thought it would happen and was inadvertantly very funny. laughs

Costars Christian Slater (or, as my friend who I made watch it at the same time I was watching it said, “Is that WILL SCARLET?!?!”), who is lookin’ real good, especially for one of those actors, like RDJ, that I’m surprised survived the 90s.

Like, that’s it, there is no more digging into this movie for a profound review than that, it’s surprisingly entertaining and Christian Slater is a supporting actor. There ya go. :)