Picoreview: Hit Man

Picoreview: Hit Man: fairly entertaining

I like actor Glen Powell, and the reviews said he was good in this Netflix Original (at least, I think it’s a Netflix Original; it’s on Netflix, anyway), which they also said was sexy and funny and stuff.

To my surprise, it’s actually pretty sexy, which is very unusual for modern movies. And it is funny, if also sort of over-the-top unbelievable in ways that I didn’t just settle into, but instead kept kind of looking askance at. But it’s also apparently sort of based on a true story (the romance departs from the true story, although apparently the romance’s setup was something that really happened), and a bunch of the more outlandish stuff is actually reasonably factually presented, which is because real life has no need to be believable. :D

The female lead, Adria Arjona, was great, and seemed way more familiar to me than her film history seems like it should, but I must know her from Pacific Rim: Uprising and Person of Interest, at least. (Oh, she was Agatha Raisin or whatever the character is in Good Omens, that’s really why I know her. Right.)

Actually, the entire cast is pretty good, although there’s one character whose entire presence in the film is sheerly there so we get some really unnecessary backstory for the lead, like, there’s nothing in it we couldn’t have figured out from context, or a conversation with somebody else. Weird choice. And it’s not that the casting wasn’t find there, it was just…unnecessary.

Um. Dang it, there was something else I was gonna mention about it, what was it… oh, the pacing. It’s sort of 80s pacing, maybe. A lot slower than I’ve gotten used to. Not as slow as the 70s, but they’re in no particular rush to unfold things. It’s not necessarily a mistake, but I noticed it, which means it wasn’t necessarily a success, either.

Overall, fun enough to watch, though! :)