Picoreview: Jurassic Park

Picoreview: Jurassic Park: Still huge fun.

It’s playing in IMAX 3D here right now, and I kind of wanted to go see it again, and then thought I should bring my nephews, who, at 8 and 10, are pretty well the ideal age to see it and have the pants scared off them. I mean, they’ve seen it before, but only on a TV screen, which is just not the same thing at all.

It scared the pants off them. :)

The younger one spent 4/5ths of the movie either clinging to my arm or pulling it around him for comfort. The elder managed to only need to hold on to me for about half an hour, all told. There were scary parts where I was sitting there giggling and giggling (quietly!) because I had two terrified boys hanging off my arms. There was one bit (I don’t remember which) where I got startled and jumped, and the younger kid nearly went through the roof. It was awesome. I highly recommend finding a couple kids that age and going to it with them, if you can. :)

Aside from the sheer enjoyment of terrorizing my nephews, the movie itself holds up really well. The CGI is limited enough to have not really aged, and the animatronics are still terrific. The little girl sells terror beautifully and I’d forgotten how generally awesome Laura Dern is in her role.

I had also forgotten how hot Jeff Goldblum was back in the day. Dayumn. Sam Neil too, though he’s more adorkable. I thought there was more Malcom in the first movie, though. I’ll have to watch the others and see if he features more in them.

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