Picoreview Round-Up

A series of picoreviews for things I’ve watched on streaming lately:

The Old Guard: Loved it. Want more. Fave bit: not the Romantic Speech scene, but its aftermath when it cuts back to them. Although the speech itself, and those characters, are wonderful. Solid movie, will watch again v. soon.

Warrior Nun: The pacing of the first 3-4 episodes is *terrible*. I feel as if they expected 6 episodes & got 10 and had to Fill The Time. But it evened out, and by the end I definitely wanted more.

My Spy: This was cute and sometimes very, very funny. The little girl, Chloe Coleman, is absolutely stellar.

The Lake House: I’d refused to watch this on the basis that it looked like A Crying Movie, but a friend who is a huge Keanu Reeves fan, INSISTED I had to watch it. So I asked here on Twitter if it was going to destroy me, and was told it would be ok, then read the synopsis on Wiki to be sure, so, ok, I’m watching it.

At about 15 minutes in, Ted blurted a total Princess-Bride-style, “JESUS, GRANDPA! What did you read this thing to me for?!” so I had to pause it and explain what was going to happen and then he was dubious but like ‘okay’ and he spent the rest of the movie giving me these suspicious ‘Jesus, Grandpa!’ looks, but it did turn out okay in the end and I liked it. Even if the timey wimey was super wibbly wobbly. :)

I have not yet watched Hamilton.