Picoreview: Spinning Out

Picoreview: Spinning Out: ugh.

Ted suggested the new Netflix Spinning Out, which looked like a reverse Cutting Edge, with a young woman skater coming back after an injury to join a playboy pairs skater.

Readers, it is *not* like Cutting Edge. It’s a drama with no humor to alleviate the bitchy unhappy characters.

I watched all the way through the first episode for the express purpose of trying to make Netflix not suggest I finish watching it. It didn’t work, which is too bad, because if I’d known it wouldn’t, I could’ve stopped watching 10 minutes in. Poor Ted was in the other side of the room, periodically offering up apologies just from LISTENING to it.

It may be well acted. I couldn’t really tell, because I disliked every single character so much that I couldn’t tell if it was the actors or the writing. I suspect it’s the writing. I think the lead woman could be quite charming & the playboy pairs skater clearly can be. But ugh.

OH! I just found out the lead woman was The Girl in the Maze Runner movie, so yeah, she can be appealing (although I still want to know how a group of boys apparently raised with no women or female figures AT ALL even knew the word for ‘girl’, but I digress). And wait, no, there was a single character I liked. The playboy pairs skater’s coach was good. But I didn’t like anybody else.

And I don’t think they should have cast a 27 year old who looks like she’s about 27, as the daughter of 41 year old January Jones, because even though the story acknowledges that Mom got pregnant young, I’m pretty sure they didn’t mean AT AGE FOURTEEN. God, I hope not, anyway.

Anyway, IDK. Maybe if you don’t turn it on expecting something Cutting-Edgeish it’s fine, but it was clear within the first few minutes (after the interminably long credits, I mean) that it wasn’t, and I felt I was able to adjust my expectations accordingly, but I still found it *miserable*, rather than dramatically intriguing and compelling to watch.

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