Picoreview: The Blue Beetle

Picoreview: The Blue Beetle – Ted and I both really, really liked Blue Beetle & if you’re doing movies in cinemas these days and like superhero films a tall, we think you should see it ASAP bc here, at least, it’s only got 9 showings a day in the largest cineplex (as opposed to Barbie opening with 36 & Oppenheimer with like 16) & it feels like the studio’s way of making sure it fails, at least partially so they can justify having not released Batgirl, another superhero movie with a brown lead.

I was basically always gonna like this movie, fwiw. Unless the trailers were totally lying to me about it, I was gonna like it, and they weren’t. So I was an easy target for this one.

Ted, who *loves* the Ted Kord Blue Beetle, was a much, *much* harder sell. He went in very, *very* skeptical, and came away very pleased with it. So I actually think they did a really good job, and it’s a wonderful family story and there is not a single badly-cast actor in the bunch. We really liked it. <3

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