Picoreview: The Other Woman

Picoreview: The Other Woman: pretty good, actually.

The premise is that Cameron Diaz falls in love with Jamie from Game of Thrones only to discover he’s married and she’s the other woman. His horrified wife, who has no one else to talk to about it, sort of mugs Diaz emotionally and they (through an actual decently developed period of time) become friends, and then after a while discover Jamie is also cheating on them with a third woman, whom they also befriend. Hijinks ensue.

There are parts that are very funny, and bits that were too sophomoric for my tastes, but the real delight of the movie is the friendship that develops between the three women. This kind of movie is usually about the women trying to defeat each other to win back the man, and instead they unite to bring him down, which is–certainly in terms of female friendship–a much less destructive kind of relationship to see between women on screen, and it’s rare enough to be refreshing.

Also, I kinda love Kate Upton now. She reminds me of Sarah Rees Brennan. :)

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