pilates & p…writing…

I did my Pilates FOUR WHOLE TIMES this week. The beginner’s workout is definitely easier than it was, although it’s also still a good workout. Another week and I’ll nerve myself up to trying the intermediate one, which I haven’t even looked at. I also did 8 push-ups fairly easily today (though I didn’t do any upper body workout, which I’d done last week before trying my push-ups), and am considering incorporating them as a regular part of my workout in another week. But not before then.

I can’t quite decide how to handle this whole book disaster. I’m considering the possibility of getting up early MWF to swim at 7am instead of 8, which would get me home and writing by around 9, assuming I didn’t stop to dick around on the internet between getting home and going to work. This would ideally lead to writing a chapter in the morning, breaking for lunch and a walk, and writing another chapter in the afternoon.

It could also, somewhat less ideally, lead to utterly frying my brain. I haven’t had any successful 5K days in a long time, or, rather, last I tried, I’d have one and then not write for three days. Not really a win. But I haven’t even /tried/ that since August, when I finished WALKING DEAD, so I donno, perhaps I’d survive it. Even just a week of that would get me close to back on track.

On the other hand, writing a chapter every single day would too. The thing is, I know I’m not going to write *every* day. My editor’s okayed the book being a bit late–“I’d rather have it right than right on time,” she said–but I haven’t turned a book in on time in two years and it pisses *me* off, so this is not so much about permission as determination. So I donno. *wibbles grumpily*

OTOH (that must be 3 hands, now), there are bbq ribs and potato salad for dinner, and pineapple upside-down cake for dessert. Clearly things are not all bad.

ytd wordcount: 31,800 (oh look, I broke the 1K a day average. go me. @.@)
miles to Dunharrow: 171.2

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