pizza bad

Pizza bad. Oooky tummy. Bah. :P

Oh well, it was good when I ate it. :)

Ran out of printer ink, so I’ve only got half a manuscript printed out, and at Jai’s behest I posted for my beta readers in the Sekrit Posting Place despite it still being Frankenstein’s Manuscript. I will be taking a belt sander to the manuscript this evening and dealing with stuff that I was too tired to deal with by the time I got to the end and trying to get rid of some of the zillions of repeated phrases and stuff.

I am SO GLAD the big work on this is done. SHEESH. *pant pant pant*

Oh, and then we finished watching season 3 Alias. We are such suckers. Also, we are all tv’d out now.


miles to Lothlorien: 259

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