plodding along

Mountain Echoes by CE Murphy

I was obliged to stop and remind myself today that in fact by any standards at all, a 5100 word day is actually very good. Even by my standards, which as we all know are completely lunatic.

I’ve done 25 or 30K since Wednesday last. It’s not as much as I’d been hoping for, but again, in actuality it’s quite good. The problem, of course, is I’m not even vaguely convinced they’re the right words. I have no sense of the book and frankly think it all sucks.

Ted and my mother assure me I am right on schedule for thinking that, which is less reassuring than you might imagine. When I said that to my sister, she said, “Right. Because they don’t know how much THIS BOOK might suck.”

*She* understands. :)

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