plusses, minuses

On the plus side, I woke up at 6 this morning, rather than being embroiled in dreams that wouldn’t let me wake until 20 to 8. On the minus side, I didn’t actually get /up/ at 6. I just observed that I was awake, and spent the next hour semi-sleeping/drifting. At some point during that time, I turned over in such a fashion that finally allowed me to breathe, and then I didn’t want to move anymore. Hate allergies. Hate hate hate.

Sarah, most wonderfully, has an opportunity to pitch a story directly to an editor at Harlequin’s fantasy line! I cheer wildly for her! (I briefly regreted not having tried to sign up to do that myself, but then I realized I have nothing at all to pitch to them, so it’s as well I didn’t.) Good luck Sarah!

Ted decided to come home last night instead of staying at the university for the Shoshen Ryu nationals. His bed is more comfortable. :) But he’s having a really good time at nationals, so that’s good! Yay!

Um. I should get some breakfast and some water. And I should call Liz today.