My webpage seems to have disappeared. This is, I think, because of lousy net, not anything else, but it’s a little disconcerting.

Jai and I did ALL the walking this weekend. Yesterday we were going to go out to Winner Creek Gorge, but I hadn’t been feeling well, so we just did a 5 mile walk on the coastal trail, instead. It was gorgeous and we tired ourselves aaaalllll out. :) Then she came over this morning and we did another 3 mile walk, so go us! It was *really* nice. And now it’s clouded up, so I’m extra glad we went this morning, because it was beautiful, then. *laugh* And Chantico is SO TIRED. :)

As an added bonus, I’ve got Jai watching Highlander, now. She’s going to catch up to me and then we’re going to try to figure out some way to watch the shows together, I think. That’ll be fun. :)

Yesterday afternoon (after conking out for two hours from not feeling well), we gamed! I had a 7th level fighter, ehehehe. A half-orc named Orphy who has a double-headed orcish axe and the Greater Cleave feat. I was killing 6 and 8 orcs at a time, and I only stopped at 8 because there were no more in reaching distance! It was a lot of fun, and I hope we get another chance to game soon. *beam*

I can’t see my webpage, so I’m not really sure what my numbers were on Friday, but I think that these are my

miles to Rivendell: 172.75