poppings and lunchings

We went over to the chiro to give them a copy of my insurance card, and while I was there I got popped, because my right shoulder has been really hurting lately, and I explained more precisely to Dr. Woody where the pain was, and he said oh! and popped me a whole different way (he had me stand up against a padded wall (I need no comments from the peanut gallery, thank you) and put my feet out and scootch down a bit so my knees were bent, and cross my arms over my chest, and then he wrapped an arm around me and put his fist along my spine and pushed me back against the wall and his fist), which resulted in a *stunning* array of noisy pops all along my upper back each of the four times he did it. Then he sat me down in a chair and popped my neck some, and by the time I left, my pinky and wrist no longer hurt. I’m under instructions to ice it two or three times a day over the weekend, and if it hasn’t finished loosening up by Monday, I get to go in again for a couple-three more sessions, which he says is usually the number it takes to clear up this kind of injury.

Then we went to the Crazy Croissant for lunch, and it was just as terrifically yummy as it was the first time we went there.

It’s tremendously foggy and pretty out today. I like fog.

Okay, now to fix a bug.