preposterously awesome

We all know I have a coat problem. Slightly less well-known is my bag problem, which is particularly incomprehensible because I don’t usually carry one.

I would, however, give up all the other rarely used bags in favor of never using this one:

Seriously, I do not know what level of kick-ass one has to conquer in order to deserve one of those, but I have major, major bag lust. But of course, what color would I get it in? The brown seems somehow sexier, but the black, more practical! Insofar as a black leather 4-way hip holster thigh strap steampunk beyond-comprehension-awesome bag is practical at all, I mean.

Also, I would like those abs and hips that go along with the bag, please.

They’re available (the bags, not the abs) here, from this Etsy seller. Dude, they are just SO AWESOME. Costly, but they’re hand-made and for the sheer amount of awesome involved, they seem worth it. Of course, I would expect it to last forever.

Maybe for Christmas? :)

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