proceeding apace!

My plans to conquer the publishing world proceed apace.

I’ve packaged up the Chance script to send to Marvel. All told, it’s a *fifty* page submission — 32 page script (22 page script, but 32ms pages because it *looks* so much better with forced page breaks), an _eleven page_ beatsheet for the next 5 issues, a 3 page complete story arc, cover letter, and the papers Marvel requires for submission, an idea submission release and a W-9. Sheesh. They’ll be fools if they don’t take it! Fools! FOOLS!

Actually, looking back over the script after 3 or 4 months of idleness on it, I still think it’s pretty good. I edited it down a little, cut a couple pages of too-many-frames-per-page stuff out, and I think it’s pretty good. :)

The peach jam may have turned out after all. *dancie dancie dance*