I got up at more or less the crack of dawn (bear in mind the sun is rising around 9:05am right now) (actually, by that figuring, I got up a good solid half hour before the crack of dawn, although it was distinctly light out when I got up) and did the usual morning things; showered, put the dog out, dressed, did laundry, and wrote, although not necessarily in that order. Finished my chapter and now I’m procrastinating on going forward. I should write a whole ‘nother chapter today, because I’ve been pretty slackerly this week (where slackerly apparently equates to about 5500 words. Maybe I’m weird.), and I want to both make my weekly quota (which would be 7700 words) and hit 50K (which is 1800 words away, at this point). Also it would simply be good to get another chapter done this weekend. I need to be doing about one every two days if I want to finish by the 20th. Okay, if I want to finish by the 20th I need to be doing one every day and a half. Every two and a half to finish by the end of the month. And the thing is, if I don’t keep my act together, I’m going to have to take days off work at the end of the month, because This Book Will Be Done On March First. Dammit.

So I guess I oughta stop screwing around online and go write. Whiiiiine.

ytd wordcount: 48,200

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