I have successfully procrastinated a *lot*! The kitchen’s entirely clean, there are two more pieces of artwork up, the laundry’s been folded and put away except that which is still being washed, and, er. I’ve written 500 words. And even now, I procrastinate like mad, writing a blog entry instead of writing a story!

I did fail my make-bread-instead-of-write procrastination roll, because I looked at the make-bread-by-hand receipe and it seemed too late in the day to start all that work, particularly since Ted’s going to want to cook dinner in a while here. So now Ted, who has been all heroic and manful and put up a dog run for Chanti, is making bread in the bread machine, because I’m a complete failure and my bread machine loaves keep falling. I’ve never tried making real bread. If it falls, I’m going to hide in a pit and never come out.

Maybe I should make brownies tonight.