PT #4


Today’s PT session taught me that my calves are the only part of my body not made entirely of knots. PT went after my calves and after she’d done one and was working on the other I was like “Either you’re going a lot easier on my calves than the rest of me, or they’re just not knotted.” She said, “I’m actually using exactly the same pressure!” and thus I deduced my calves are not made entirely of knots.

The rest of me, though, Jesus. My right shoulder’s been really hurting, so she went after my armpit again, and while it’s NOTHING like the agony of the first go-round, there’s still clearly a lot of frozen tissue there. I feel sort of better now. Mostly, god, I’m exhausted.

She’s been working on my hips, too, as they are Messed Up after I fell off a sidewalk almost 20 years ago and damaged my left knee very badly indeed, which in the long run, in turn, damaged my tailbone Very Badly Indeed. (In retrospect, I obviously should have gone to a doctor. I don’t know that I even considered it at the time, although I had insurance. Welcome to being American.) I’ve had them worked on, but not for a long time, and now I know the underlying problem of the muscles continuing to pull my tailbone out of alignment was never resolved. To do that, they muscles have to be, well, unfrozen from where they are, and I have some exercises which I now hope/plan/intend/all that sort of mindful bullshit that rarely gets implemented to do that are supposed to continue to help the muscles release.

Anyway, I don’t have another session for a couple of weeks because I didn’t know if I’d need them (turns out yes, I do!) and she’s booked 2-3 weeks in advance. So I really am going to make an effort to do the exercises she gave me, and a little bit of yoga, and see if that’s made any difference when I go back.

At the end of the session, having brutalized my hips and quads, she put me through a lumbar roll, which I have to say was the least violent one I’ve ever been put through, and which got at least nine separate pops out of my lower back and tailbone. “You’re like a little accordian!” she said gleefully, and I swear to god, right now my hips feel like they belong to somebody else. I actually am feeling…well, right now I’m too damn tired to feel *inspired*, per se, but I’m feeling like doing those exercises would be a good lifestyle choice.

I’m also feeling like going to sleep would be a good lifestyle choice. *collapses*

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