I just spoke with Agnes, a very nice woman at the RCA, who said that ACS has two customer queues, one of which is for ACS customers and which has a 24-48 hour turnaround, and the other of which is for GCI and which has a 3-4 week turnaround and a 1600 person waiting list. She said that the Public Utilities Commission is aware of this and that they’re investigating to see what the problem is, and that part of the problem is the fact that all the rules and regulations that were set up were set up when the phone company up here had a monopoly, and they don’t apply in a competition scenario.

She took my name and number and information, and said she’d register my complaint and she’d call to see where we were in the queue and if anything could be done to speed up the process. She said later this month there are going to be public hearings about it, so I may keep an eye peeled for that announcement in the paper and go. Um. She said she’d call back when she had a little more information for me. So generally she was very helpful but can’t really do anything.

So. Well. That’s where things stand this afternoon.