puppies & writing

Chanti was much better at obedience class last night. This week I need to spend several minutes a day walking her through the house, on her leash, with a peanutbutterspoon in front of her nose, in order to get the ‘heel’ idea into her little puppy head.

She did *not* like going through the long scary tunnel. In fact, she refused to. Poor puppy! So we’ll work on that, too.

I really wanted to work on TQB some yesterday (my unexpected 2700 word chapter was on TB), so after we got home from obedience class I sat down to write a little more. And wrote another 1250 words, for a total of 5230 words yesterday. *Boy* I wish I could do that *every* day!

But I did stay up too late, so didn’t get up this morning to write. I’ll write later.

ytd wordcount: 34,800